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Welcome To The Rice House

We invite you to live a healthy lifestyle, reach for goals, teach, inspire, support, spiritually connect, co-create, and enjoy a fulfilling, uplifting life..."
                                                                                                                                                                     - - Sheldon and Ginat Rice

Sheldon and Ginat Rice welcome you to our cyber-home. We offer insights into macrobiotics, numerology, shiatsu, palmistry and life coaching.  We have photo galleries with many pictures and personal information to share as well. You can  stay with us at our spacious house in Zichron Yaakov, and/or study with us through a variety of programs. We welcome your input, and encourage you to contact us with your comments and questions. 





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ebooks from The Rice House

  • Food, Faith & Healing: 40 Macrobiotic Accounts of Cancer and Serious Illness

  • --Ginat Rice
                                                                                More Info

  • Personality and Numerology: The Collective Behavior of Peoples from 21 Countries

  • --Sheldon Rice                                                                      More Info
  • Getting to Know You: A Numerology Textbook

  • --Sheldon Rice                                                                      More Info
  • Macrobiotic Meals: For Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

  • --Sheldon and Ginat Rice                                             More Info

Here is a response from Rose Elliot from the UK, author of 55 books, many of them related to vegetarian cooking after she received our Macrobiotic Meals book:

"I must tell you that I felt such of wave of love towards you both when I opened the book and saw your photos. I am a vegetarian cookery writer in the UK and have written many books on the subject. I have been vegetarian all my life, and recently pretty much vegan.

I find your approach to (macrobiotic) cooking unique, inspiring, practical, and very helpful. I know I shall benefit greatly from studying from your book and cooking the delicious recipes."

Here is another quote from Rose Elliot after reading Food, Faith and Healing: 40 Macrobiotic Accounts of Cancer and Serious Illness:

The thing that struck me particularly was a deeper understanding of the  "macro" of macrobiotics, the fact that with this diet, everything can be accepted, and that the other levels of life--mental, emotional and spiritual--are as crucial to health as is the physical, and the diet. I have always known that, of course, but being a cookery writer, it is easy at times for me to focus more on the healthiness of the food than the other aspects, even though spiritual practice and yoga are essential parts of my life."



Macrobiotics is a way of life that brings together complementary and opposite aspects of life in a non-dualistic point of view. This holistic level of consciousness is both the cause and effect of balanced eating and life habits.  Macrobiotics promises well being, happiness, freedom and independence.



Numerology discloses one's emotional make up, strengths, weaknesses, innermost needs and ability to realize his inherent talents.   It  allows one to discern his truest identity and understand how he functions.   Ones name and birthday reveal all the information necessary for a  reading. 






Body work is one of those rare things in life that feels good and is good for you--and shiatsu is the king of bodywork!  Shiatsu massage soothes and energizes at the same time, speeding healing and increasing well being exponentially.



We can learn volumes about ourselves and our skills, abilities and interests by studying the hands.  This fascinating art confirms that the part    reveals the whole, and the outside reveals the inside.  It's all there if you know how to see it!



Life Coaching


Life coaching is a process of unfolding personal goals in career, relationships, inner peace, abundance, health and life dreams.  My coaching practice calls on numerology to understand your inherent personality, the Law of Attraction to encourage, uplift, and provide direction, and my deep empathy and intuition to guide you to your true self.


About Us

This section includes stories and photos of the two of us and our families, our new home in central Jerusalem, Israel (The Rice House), our travels and adventures.  We are happy to share our lives with you. 





We love to photograph and are happy to display our work to all our friends.  We have thousands of photos of our travels and adventures, friends and family, macrobiotic dinners and guests and other topics of interest.



There are well over 100 macrobiotic English-language web sites around the world.  Each of the links to these web sites includes a brief description of the site contents.  Please contact us with your additions and updates.